Centrifugal Fan for Marine Industry

The marine industry is an important market sector for BarkerBille and has been so for many years.

Each year, we design and manufacture a large number of centrifugal fans for the marine industry, such as this combustion air fan, which is one of the larger fans we produce for the market. This particular fan is for a steam boiler onboard a ship.

To reduce noise to <90dB(A), the fan is equipped with a large inlet silencer.

The complete unit is built on a common steel frame. This makes it very easy when building the ship at the yard as the fan can be handled as a “Plug and play” unit.

Combustion Air Fan for Boiler

The boiler heats up the heavy fuel to reduce its viscosity and make it suitable for the ship engine. This is why the boiler (and the combustion air fan) is essential for the propulsion of the ship.

Due to this essential service, the fan (motor) is tested and approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS).

Fan performance:

  • Flow: 53.260 m³/h
  • Pressure: 576 mmWg
  • Temperature: 45°C
  • Power consumption: 103kW
  • Motor: ABB, 125kW, 1.785rpm, 440V, 60Hz.

Industry-specific Color

Although generally a bit unusual, this green color is common for fans used on ships and has been requested by the customer.

It is claimed that this gray-green color reduces seasickness for people working below deck.

Fans for Marine Applications

These large combustion air fans and other fans for use onboard ships are produced and tested at our factories in Holsted (Denmark) and Ningbo (China) and shipped to shipyards all over the world.

Other BarkerBille fans for the marine industry include:

  • Inert Gas Fans
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Fans (FGD)
  • Flue Gas Recirculation Fans
  • FPSO Combustion Fans (FD & ID)
  • Gas Ventilation Fans
Marine combustion fan with silencer
Centrifugal fan marine

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