Large Fan for Renewable Energy Plant

Every year BarkerBille manufactures a number of large industrial fans – especially for the renewable energy sector. Every part of the fans is custom-made to the specific project ensuring high reliability and efficiency.

This particular fan has just been finished and tested before shipping. It will be used as a forced draft fan for combustion air at a large biomass fired renewable energy plant in the UK used primarily for the production of electricity in the city of Kent.

Efficiency over 85%

The fan is a newly developed type, and as part of the scope, the fan has been performance tested with a total efficiency of more than 85%.

The fan supplies more than 150,000 cubic meter of air per hour, and it is equipped with a 500kW motor. Further to that, it is also supplied with a suction box, transition piece and silencers.

The delivery is a duplicate of a similar project to Cramlington in the UK last year.

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