Centrifugal Fan for Fire Testing Facilities

Each year, we design and supply a large number of centrifugal fans to extract flue gasses from various processes.

Such a large flue gas fan has just been installed and commissioned at The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI), who perform fire testing of e.g. fire doors or other components.

Customized Centrifugal Fan Design

The DBI fan is designed to extract 100,000 m3 flue gasses per hour at 2,100 Pa. and at temperatures of up to 550°C.

Several special features have been included in the fan design due to the special conditions. To withstand the high temperature, the impeller is made of boiler steel and stress relieved after welding. The fan housing is built from corten steel, and special flex compensators are mounted on both inlet and outlet.

Further, the fan housing is insulated with 200 mm insulation, and a noise reduction box covering the motor ensures low noise level.

The fan is part of a larger extraction system supplied by Moldow.

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