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About BarkerBille

BarkerBille is the result of a merger of Barker Fans A/S, the former Barker Jørgensen, B. Bille A/S and Moldow’s fan department. First, Barker and Bille were merged, and in October 2016, Moldow’s fan department joined BarkerBille, making it the sole manufacturer and distributor of all Barker, Bille and Moldow fans.

BarkerBille has designed and manufactured fans for industrial applications for more than 50 years now. The goal is to supply the well-known high quality products and service at competitive prices based on a new, state-of-the-art 3D technology and reliable fan dimensioning software.

With our new 3D technology and our fan dimensioning software FanDim, a quick and reliable design and production phase is ensured, so our customers always get the best product.

Our products are primary welded constructions, manufactured in mild steel as well as in stainless steel that are always designed in a way that makes them especially energy efficient.

Noise reduction is also an environmental subject related to industrial fans. Therefore we have developed a product line of silencers and noise reducing components that are manufactured in the same design and quality as our fans.


We are more than happy to help you with any inquiry. Call us or send us an email, and we’ll be ready to assist you.

Cooperation with Moldow A/S

BarkerBille A/S is a sister company of Moldow A/S. The cooperation with Moldow means that BarkerBille has the support of a solid, competent and financially strong company that also contributes with a reliable and experienced service organization that BarkerBille’s customers also benefit from.

Moldow A/S and BarkerBille A/S are both owned 100% by JHM Holsted Holding A/S which is owned by Holsted Invest A/S (50% – the founding family of Moldow A/S) and the local Hoffmann Capital A/S (50%).

Danmark and China – same high quality

BarkerBille is registered in both Denmark and China. In Denmark under the name BarkerBille A/S, and in China under BarkerBille Fans Manufacturing (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. and BarkerBille Fans Trading (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

So, aside from being able to buy fans in Denmark, you can also purchase the same BarkerBille Fan Fanufacturing Chinaproducts in China from the Chinese subsidiary BarkerBille Fans (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Here, the same high quality is ensured among other things by using the same new 3D technology and modern dimensioning program as in Denmark and by manufacturing the rotating parts of the fans in Denmark.

If you wish to learn more about our setup in China, please read the news item here.

Learn more about BarkerBille’s history

The history of BarkerBille dates back to 1919. Learn more about the company’s history.