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Fan Flow Control

BarkerBille manufactures a wide range of equipment for flow control.


We manufacture butterfly and multi vane dampers in mild steel and stainless steel for applications where flow control is needed. If flow control is not performed by a frequency converter or if extra safety is needed, we can add dampers on our fans.

We manufacture vanes for various applications with different tightness and temperature requirements.

Our dampers are manufactured in the dimensions ø100 – ø2000 mm or 100×100 – 2000×2000 mm.

Inlet Vane Control

The inlet vane control supplied by BarkerBille is used when varying air volumes are required. The inlet vane control can be mounted on the inlet or in a duct as an alternative to a damper.

The vane control is manufactured as standard in measurements corresponding to the fan programme of 17 sizes with diameters ranging from 200 to 1,600.

The vane control can be supplied either in a manual or a motor driven execution in two positions: LG and RD depending on fan position. The guide blade shafts are placed in self-lubricating slide bearings. They are interconnected via swivels with an adjustment ring, ensuring a very precise and uniform adjustment of the shovels.

Frequency Controllers

BarkerBille offers a large selection of frequency controllers in combination with BarkerBille fans.

Using frequency controllers for fans comes with many advantages. The most obvious and important is the energy savings, as the fan is controlled by need. The use of frequency controllers is much more energy-saving than for instance mechanical downscaling by use of dampers or guide vanes. At the same time, it is a much more flexible solution and easier to integrate into control systems.