Climate-friendly Fans for Reduced CO2 Emissions

At BarkerBille we want – in cooperation with our customers – to take responsibility and contribute to combating climate change and fulfilling UN’s Global Goal for Sustainable Development no. 13 by increasing our focus on climate-friendly fans.

Climate Change Requires Action now – UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Despite being in focus for many years now, the greenhouse gas emissions are 50% higher today than in 1990. This shows that it requires action from all parties, both globally and locally, if we are to minimize the consequences of the man-made climate changes.

In relation to this, we as a fan manufacturer, and you as our customer are key players, as large energy and CO2 savings can be achieved if taking the long view.

As an effort to contribute to stopping global warming, we are now investing extra time in calculating whether a more climate-friendly choice of fan than the cheapest one is available and presenting you with the options.

Your Debate with the End Customer about Savings

Green Footprint fan

As our customer, you are the one in contact with the end customers, hence the one with the possibility of having a debate with them about initial cost vs operating costs by presenting our greener, cheaper solution in the long run, of which this initiative forms the basis.

When operating costs are not a key factor, smaller, less energy-efficient fans are often chosen instead of larger, more energy-efficient fans.

As an example, fan A is often chosen over fan B:

Fan A: (lowest price)

Initial cost:                          53,600 €

Energy consumption:         355 kW

Fan B: (smallest footprint)

Initial cost:                          73,700 €

Energy consumption:         315 kW

Choosing fan B will result in yearly energy savings of 40 kW x 8000 hours = 320,000 kWh.  This equals the yearly CO2 emissions of seven Danes or 100 flights between New York and Shanghai.

At the same time, the larger fan means a yearly saving on operation costs of 34,240€. So in addition to the slightly higher-priced fan being the better choice for the climate, it is also a great choice when considering the customer’s lower operation costs. At the same time, ROI will fund the climate-friendly choice in no time.

Transparency for a More Climate-Friendly Decision

We always offer the best fan at the best price. But as a future commitment to the climate, we will invest extra time in calculating and assessing whether there is a more climate-friendly choice of fan and let you know. This alternative will be included in our quotations when yearly savings of minimum 30,000 kWh or approx. 11 t CO2 are found.

Our hopes and wishes are that you will present both options to your customer so they can make an informed fan choice in the end.

In our quotations, we include the option ”Green Footprint” illustrated with the following icon and information about savings:

We hope that we together can ensure a better future.

Learn more about UN’s Global Goals.