BarkerBille as New Sponsor of Speedway World Champion

When speedway rider Nicki Pedersen once again returns to the speedway sport in 2018 after a long injury, it will be with BarkerBille A/S as his new sponsor. In 2018, Nicki Pedersen will be competing for the World Championship in the renowned Speedway Grand Prix series, for the Danish Championship with Holsted Tigers, the Polish [...]

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BarkerBille is looking to expand on the Swedish market

BarkerBille has hired a new employee who will be actively focusing on expanding sales to the Swedish market. – With the large and major industrial sector in Sweden, we believe that it’s a market with great potential for our industrial fans and silencers, says General Manager Flemming Bille. – In Denmark, BarkerBille is the largest [...]

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Gustav Feldstedt and Søren Wahlgren retiring

Times are changing at BarkerBille A/S, as our two loyal former Barker Jørgensen employees, Gustav Feldstedt (Basse) and Søren Wahlgren are embarking on their well-deserved retirement. Gustav, better known by many as Basse, is retiring after more than 50 years with the company. He started working for Barker Jørgensen in 1964, after his father took [...]

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Merry Christmas

We would hereby like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or Happy Holidays. 2016 has been a truly eventful year for BarkerBille – and actually the first official year in business together, although our experience goes more than 50 years back. With the merger of Barker Jørgensen, B. Bille and Moldow’s fan [...]

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BarkerBille signs sponsorship deal with speedway rider Bjarne Pedersen

In the coming two seasons, BarkerBille A/S will be sponsoring the Danish speedway rider Bjarne Pedersen. Bjarne has formerly competed for the world championship in the GP series, and he has just renewed his contract with the Danish club Holsted, where he also rode last season. – We saw it as a great opportunity to [...]

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Moldow’s fan department joins BarkerBille

Due to a high level of activity and a positive development within the fan business, as of October 1st 2016 Moldow has chosen to merge its fan department with BarkerBille A/S, thereby creating one large fan company. [Vil du se den danske version i stedet?] – To optimize our corporate structure and be able to [...]

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BarkerBille wins lawsuit against former owners of Barker Jørgensen

The former owners of the insolvent Barker Jørgensen have been found guilty of infringement of BarkerBille's rights. In February of 2015, Moldow A/S acquired all rights and the name Barker Jørgensen from the estate in bankruptcy after Barker Jørgensens Maskinfabrik A/S, and later they established BarkerBille A/S. Ever since the acquisition, the former owners of Barker Jørgensen, Jet [...]

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New (familiar) face at BarkerBille

Martin Nøhr Pedersen is BarkerBille's new Senior Sales Engineer. He is part of our team of employees devoted to selling and engineering the BarkerBille fans and silencers. And Martin knows our company and this industry well. After having received his degree in engineering, he was employed as an Export Engineer for Barker Jørgensen. After that [...]

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BarkerBille Fans Manufacturing in China is up and running

Our Chinese setup is taking shape – a project that we have been working on for a long time now. Our company has been registered in China under the names BarkerBille Fans Manufacturing (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. and BarkerBille Fans Trading (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Our employees in China have been set up in the BarkerBille facilities [...]

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3D drawings speed up plant construction

With success, BarkerBille provide customers with a specific 3D drawing of their new fan – just 15 minutes after ordering. Article from: Jern og Maskinindustrien, May 6, 2016, no. 8. By Simon Dinsen Hansen PROCESS TECHNOLOGY: Machine manufacturers and project engineers are always provided with a prompt reply when ordering a fan from BarkerBille in [...]

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