Moldow’s fan department joins BarkerBille

Due to a high level of activity and a positive development within the fan business, as of October 1st 2016 Moldow has chosen to merge its fan department with BarkerBille A/S, thereby creating one large fan company.

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To optimize our corporate structure and be able to offer our clients the best service, it is natural to divide the focus of each company. This way, BarkerBille will focus on the fan industry, while Moldow can focus entirely on designing complete filter systems and painting lines with ventilation, explains Moldow’s Managing Director, K. Preben Hansen.

The division is quite natural since the products and clients are different. The filter systems and painting lines are turnkey systems that are sold to end-customers within different industries. The fans on the other hand are sold to OEM’s who design, manufacture and supply processing plants themselves.

The same products, the same employees – a new name
The only change is that Moldow clients who are used to buying fans from Moldow now will buy the fans from BarkerBille instead. It’s the same products, the same employees and the same quality that they are used to – the company name is just BarkerBille instead of Moldow.

For Moldow’s customers within painting and filtration, the fans will continue to be part of the projects as usual, they will just have a new name.

Larger selection with both Moldow, Barker and Bille fans
For both BarkerBille’s and Moldow’s customers, this means at the same time that there will be a larger selection of fans to choose from, as BarkerBille in the future will sell both Moldow,
Barker and Bille fans:

The benefits for our customers of us having all fans under one roof, is a larger selection to choose from and an easier buying process. The advantages and suitable applications of each fan type are different, so this way we are better positioned to offer the right solutions to our customers, BarkerBille’s General Manager Flemming Bille and Sales Manager Søren Olesen agree.

The Bille fans are especially suitable for the food industry, while the Moldow and Barker fans are used within the general processing industry. Here, the fans from Moldow differentiate themselves since they have been developed and designed according to customers’ needs for larger fans.

Quality assurance across the board
The organization in Denmark will remain unchanged with offices in Ballerup and Holsted as today. The manufacturing facilities also remain the same, so the same high quality is maintained.

Aside from being able to buy fans in Denmark, customers can also purchase the same products in China from the Chinese subsidiary BarkerBille Fans (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Here, the same high quality is ensured among other things by using the same new 3D technology and modern dimensioning program as in Denmark and by manufacturing the rotating parts of the fans in Denmark.

At the same time, the cooperation with Moldow means that BarkerBille has the support of a solid, competent and financially strong company that also contributes with a reliable and experienced service organization that BarkerBille’s customers also benefit from.

An ongoing process
Even though the fan company as of October 1st will be called BarkerBille, it will be a while before the process of joining the departments and optimizing the products is completed. Further, it is not a total division of the companies:

Despite being two companies, BarkerBille and Moldow are one unit with the same circle of owners and the same cooperation as always, K. Preben Hansen points out.

Please note that all existing Moldow fan orders will per October 1st be transferred to BarkerBille who will inherit all obligations.

All employees will have the same phone numbers, while Moldow’s email addresses will be changed from [initials] to [initials]

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