Focus on Climate-friendly Fans & UN Global Goal no. 13

BarkerBille want – in cooperation with their customers – to contribute to combating climate change and fulfilling UN’s Global Goal for Sustainable Development no. 13.

Despite being in focus for many years now, the greenhouse gas emissions are 50% higher today than in 1990. This shows that it requires action from all parties, both globally and locally, if we are to minimize the consequences of the man-made climate changes, says BarkerBille’s General Manager Flemming Bille.

BarkerBille, with offices in Denmark and China, supplies industrial fans for engineering companies and turnkey plants all over the world, which makes them a key player in regards to the climate efforts in this industry.

The impacts of climate change go beyond national boundaries, which make demands on us as a global company to focus on combating climate changes. Large energy and CO2 savings can be achieved if taking the long view when choosing fans, and that’s why we’re now investing extra time in calculating whether a more climate-friendly choice of fan than the cheapest one is available and presenting this alternative to our customers, says Flemming Bille.

Large CO2 Savings

It’s challenging that generally the focus is on the initial cost of the fan and not the operating costs. And when operating costs are not a key factor, smaller, less energy-efficient fans are often chosen instead of larger, more energy-efficient fans.

As an example, by choosing a fan that costs 20,000€ more, yearly CO2 savings of 115 tons can be achieved. This equals the yearly CO2 emissions of seven Danes or 100 flights between New York and Shanghai. At the same time, the larger fan means yearly savings on operation costs of 34,240€.

But that message can be difficult to get across the table.

As a sub-supplier we rarely speak directly to the end customers. So it is crucial that we provide our customers with the facts so they can have an informed discussion with their customer about initial cost vs operating costs by presenting our greener, cheaper solution in the long run. This is what this initiative lays the groundwork for.

In addition to the slightly higher-priced fan being the better choice for the climate, it is also a great choice considering the customer’s lower operation costs, and we hope that we together with our customers can get that message across.

Transparency for a More Climate-Friendly Decision

From now on, BarkerBille’s customers will easily find information in their quotations about the most climate-friendly choice of fan without having asked for it.

In the future we will always invest extra time in calculating whether there is a more climate-friendly choice of fan and include this alternative in our quotations when yearly savings of minimum 30,000 kWh or approx. 11 t CO2 are found.

By explicitly stating what the customer can save in kWh, euros and CO2 emissions our hope is that they will be more willing to look at the long-term, environmentally friendly picture when they order fans for their projects, Flemming Bille says.


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