Highly Efficient, Sanitary Fans in Stainless Steel for the Food Industry

A total of 13 centrifugal fans and four axial fans from BarkerBille have been installed at one of the biggest spray drying chambers in Europe. The spray dryer with the spray drying fans is used in the production of whey protein.

Two direct-driven main supply fans each supplies 80,000 m3/h, and the exhaust fan with coupling is designed for 200,000 m3/h.

Spray Drying Fans – High Sanitary Requirements

One of our sanitary design exhaust silencers placed after the exhaust fan reduces noise from the outlet air. The exhaust silencer is manufactured in complete in AISI 304 with sanitary weldings, CIP + tubing and drain.

All fans are manufactured in stainless steel and meet the highest requirements within the food industry.

Special Welding for Highly Efficient Cleaning

A special sanitary full welding of the external stiffeners (low bridges) on the supply fans and exhaust fan ensures more efficient cleaning of fans. The exhaust fan is constructed with a top-nozzle for impeller cleaning during CIP and 4 CIP nozzles for cleaning of impeller casing.