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Expert counseling ● Maintenance and repair ● 24/7/365 ● Supervision and commissioning

We know how important it is that your industrial fan is operating smootly without any problems. This requires counseling, maintenance and repairs. Therefore, BarkerBille has ensured that you through our service organization always get the assistance that you need from the very start and in the lifetime of the fans.

We offer expert counseling from experienced engineers at every stage and 24-7-365 assistance after purchasing a BarkerBille fan.

Quick service and repairs are necessary in a modern company. Therefore, as a BarkerBille customer, an effective service organization is at your disposal day and night, 24-7-365.

Our experienced service technicians can usually carry out the necessary repairs on the spot because our service vans are equipped as “rolling workshops”. This means for instance that on the spot we can measure vibrations, control and change bearings and balance fans. Examples of service assignments:

  • Mounting and start-up of fans
  • Repair and change of bearings
  • Balancing of impeller
  • Control of bearing conditions
  • Laser alignment of couplings
  • Capacity measurement for optimizing of fan

Furthermore, we have built up a comprehensive storage of spare parts which can be sent at short notice.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or needs.