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Safety and Marking

For us it is key that our fans meet the highest standards for safety and operation.

ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

Directive 94/9/EC, commonly called the ATEX (“Atomsphères Explosibles”) Directive is one of a number of new approach directives developed by the European Union and covers all equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Directive became mandatory on July 1, 2003, superseding all previous legislation related to products used in explosive atmospheres. The ATEX Directive covers the following major elements: the application of the CE mark essential health and safety requirements Products included–equipment, protective systems, components, safety, controlling or regulating devices.
EC Type Examination Certificate conformity assessment procedures for product evaluation quality assurance of the manufacturing process CE Marking of Equipment.

With the exception of some components, products entering the European common market are required to bear mandatory CE (Conformité Européenne) marking. Application of the CE marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that the equipment: is in conformity with all applicable technical provisions and requirements of ATEX and other directives that apply to the equipment, and
has been the subject of the appropriate conformity assessment procedures of the ATEX directive.

The CE Marking is supported by a manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity, a Technical Construction File and when applicable an EC Type Examination Certificate.

In addition to the ATEX Directive, equipment must meet all applicable European directives, such as the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Machinery Directive. Although products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres are explicitly excluded from the scope of the Low Voltage Directive, all “low voltage essential objective” have to be addressed by the ATEX Directive per Annex II clause 1.2.7.

EC Declaration of Conformity

To validate CE marking of their equipment, manufacturers must draw up a written EC Declaration of Conformity. This declaration is the document in which the manufacturer officially declares that the product complies with all the essential requirements of the directive currently mandatory.

The main elements of the declaration are as follows: name and address of the manufacturer, description of the equipment, relevant provisions complied with (i.e. directives considered and technical standards applied), date and issue of Declaration and signature of authorised person, and the identification of the notified body if applicable.

Essential Health and Safety Requirements

The fundamental safety requirements for all equipment are contained in Annex II, Essential Health and Safety Requirements, of the ATEX Directive. These essential requirements establish principles of integrated explosion safety from all electrical and non-electrical (i.e. mechanical friction and overheating, impact of metal parts, static electricity etc.) ignition sources. Conformity to harmonized European standards, such as the EN 50000 series, is used to demonstrate compliance to the Essential Health and Safety Requirements.