Manager: In two years our Chinese department will be bigger

BarkerBille’s setup enables fast up and downscaling of the production of customized industrial fans

Article from: Jern og Maskinindustrien, May 6, 2016, no. 8.

By Simon Dinsen Hansen

PROCESS TECHNOLOGY: “In two years, our new Chinese department will supply as many industrial fans as we do in Ballerup”. That is what BarkerBille’s General Manager, Flemming Bille, anticipates.

This is based on the company’s setup, using subsuppliers who manufacture directly based on an exact 3D drawing, created in the company’s newly developed configurator and according to the customer’s wishes.

This opens up for the possibility of a local production of fan housings in China, where BarkerBille has already opened a sales office and mounting facilities.

“We have the right setup today, which means that we can scale production up and down very quickly. The 3D model can be used by subsuppliers in China for production of fan housings while the rotating parts will still be manufactured in Ballerup in Denmark”, says Flemming Bille.

In this opinion, the combination of the exact 3D drawing and the right subsuppliers has resulted in an adjustable and flexible business model.

“Our competitors have outgrown their large machine factories and still manufacture everything themselves in-house. With this comes large expenses and less flexibility to adapt to the market”, explains Flemming Bille.

Pleased with acquisition
Last year, BarkerBille was established after the merger of the two smaller companies B. Bille A/S and Barker Jørgensens Maskinfabrik A/S, who were both acquired by Moldow A/S, a company based in Holsted, Denmark.

Flemming Bille is very pleased with this acquisition: “B. Bille A/S’ growth was great with the development of our new concept-based 3D but it would have required a large investment for us to develop further, and we were lacking personnel in-house. For this reason it makes sense for us to be part of something bigger, which Moldow’s ownership has brought to the table”.


  • BarkerBille is a sister company of Moldow A/S, who manufactures ­Filter systems, Fans and Painting Plants at their production facilities in Holsted, Denmark.
  • There are 12 employees in Ballerup, 120 in Holsted.
  • Moldow/BarkerBille manufacture more than 1,000 fans per year.
  • The prices of an industrial fan range from €700 to around €150,000.
  • BarkerBille dispose of a production area of more than 2,000 square meters, and Moldow’s facilities in Holsted are more than 8,000 square meters.


Article from: Jern og Maskinindustrien, May 6, 2016, no. 8.

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